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HHG Machine,
Our company was founded in 2005, with each passing day straining the capacity of, a progress balanced with the 300 square feet larger than today area 200 square feet of open space off-site apparatus, Mold, Mechanical, Welding apparatus has been serving the automotive sector.
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HHG Machine,
high quality standards, timely delivery and innovative work in the industry has proven itself to the principle of zero error. job Prohibition on the customer request and has established a database with an on-site magnifies every day experience.
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HHG Makina
The growth of our company attaches importance to team work In the latest chapter in the company by establishing an independent design, the design team increased to three people. Each one of these teams are professional in the areas of CAD-CAM and design has speeded up efforts to create the best quality for our customers working.
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Apparatus, Mold, Machinery, Fixtures, Manufacturing, Design

HHG Machinery - Automotive

Products for more machine parts To be able to serve a large area. Machines within our various machining capacity and specifications of all kinds in industry, construction machinery, automotive, spare parts, control apparatus, hair patterns, custom-designed automation machinery have been producing.

Thanks to our professional working team to specialist staff, our production CNC, Milling, Milling, Turning, Gas Metal Arc Welding and We have a variety of machine machines.

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Beşevler Küçük Sanayi Sitesi 67. Blok
No:2/4 Nilüfer Bursa TURKEY
Phone:  (0090)224 443 41 59
Fax: (0090)224 441 74 55

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Puts great emphasis on the wishes and views on your machine, HHG Machine 24 hours you are definitely in return.

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has created a Database. Information from you and gained from work experience is stored in the data base.