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HHG Machine
Institutional sense, a private company. Every private company, as well as the priority objective HHG is a brand name machine with high-quality jobs to do, others with a direction it is divided and translate specifications into an advantage, experienced and dynamic staff. working team's creative power, in principle, and also great quality work, coupled with an understanding of a signature sound antithetical to throw things out of a corporate image.

Rise and Progress

With office life HHG Machine Company, followed by admiring eyes, even when looking from the outside, the human In order to establish solid relations with their own chains of relationships within understands that it needs to be strong. The sub-sections, team work, management issued by the company for everyone to act with this awareness to staff of all the jobs pleasure and happiness is a positive environment. As a natural result of this Every idea is created, each project receiving a positive response and a sought-after HHG Machine Company the company makes.

Working Area

Companies that everyone working for the company's owner. In this context, Anyone working for their business and shedding sweat for the best. The company's largest One of the strengths is that it has strong connections machinery industry. production and connection to a wide network of marketing team and a solid place in Turkey, working team combined with a powerful blend of creative staff and others an advantage forms. Each job is treated as a whole, with the advantages of taking life as soon as possible HHG machine company that can always be one step ahead.

Contact Information

Beşevler Küçük Sanayi Sitesi 67. Blok
No:2/4 Nilüfer Bursa TURKEY
Phone:  (0090)224 443 41 59
Fax: (0090)224 441 74 55
E-mail: info@hhgmakina.com

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Puts great emphasis on the wishes and views on your machine, HHG Machine 24 hours you are definitely in return.

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has created a Database. Information from you and gained from work experience is stored in the data base.